Reimagining Appraisals for a Thriving Future

Some see annual appraisals as a box ticking exercise.
We disagree.
We believe that, done right, appraisals are the secret sauce for your firm to cultivate high-performing teams and drive sustainable growth.

The Value of Keeping Talent Onboard

The cost of losing valuable talent is not just a line item; it impacts on relationships and is a substantial financial hit that firms face annually.
Let’s talk facts:
According to an NALP Update on Associate Attrition, the average cost to replace an associate looms at $200,000 to $500,000
A third of UK employees say they are considering leaving their job in the next 6 months* and in the US last year, 38 million people resigned from their positions**
The CBI and Hayes state that continuous learning is a key retention strategy***
Have Career Leading Conversations
We want to give appraisals a new identity. Say goodbye to process-led, robotic evaluations and hello to meaningful dialogues.
Our human-centred approach replaces a process-centred system and is designed to foster better conversations between employees and appraisers.
It's time to invest in the future of your team, create the space to explore their aspirations and unearth their true potential through open, honest, and constructive communication.

Bring Life to Appraisals

At PCA Law, we've curated a comprehensive suite of tried and tested approaches designed to transform the appraisal process, placing equal emphasis on the appraisee and appraiser to create a dialogue and to design a consistent, trusted process. From immersive Forum Theatre sessions to question-powered communication mastery, our solutions pave the way for a new approach – conversations that focus on outcomes, future growth, psychological safety and confidence:
Building Confidence in Action
Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with Forum Theatre, creating a safe space to experiment with new skills and behaviours.
Mastering the Art of Inquiry
Questions are powerful tools, but their impact depends on how they're wielded. Enter the EFRO model – a revolutionary approach to questioning that transforms conversations. Instead of pushing for the information you were already looking for, EFRO encourages the art of 'pulling' key data through expansive, funnelling, reflective, and open questions.
Active Listening
Communication is more than words; it's about truly understanding what lies beneath the surface. In our Active Listening exercises, participants delve into the three levels of listening, experiencing the nuances of genuine connection and overcoming preconceptions or biases.
Turn the Tables
A unique opportunity to experience feedback from both perspectives. This hands-on experience allows participants to practise receiving feedback they find challenging, fostering resilience and growth.
Get practising
Have the space to have practice conversations and benefit from having the time to reinforce your strengths and explore your challenges as you become more self aware and learn best practice.  

An Ongoing Journey

Performance management isn't a once-a-year affair. At PCA Law, we understand that continuous improvement is the key to sustained success. More than ever, talent – particularly among younger generations – expects a clear path to progression in order to stay at a firm. And navigating a workforce that spans multiple generations poses a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to meeting diverse expectations.
Our reimagined appraisals seamlessly integrate with ongoing performance management strategies, ensuring that growth and development are a constant part of your firm culture.


For the Appraisee
Our reimagined appraisal process puts YOU at the centre, giving you the power to shape your career. Discover your strengths, set personalised goals, and watch your career trajectory soar. It's not just about your performance; it's about your journey within the firm.
For the Appraiser
Guiding talent to greatness is an art. Our tools and frameworks empower appraisers to provide insightful feedback, recognise achievements, and tailor development plans. You will be able to act as the catalyst for positive change within your team. And having high performing teams isn’t just good news for the firm, it’s good news for you too – freeing up valuable time to focus on your own development priorities.
Lead transparent, motivational and collaborative reviews and appraisals which benchmark progress
Delivery tailored to participant level
90 min - 3.5 hours
In person or virtual
How we do it
• EFRO coaching question peer practice

• Forum Theatre

• Objective cascade exercise

• RealPlay ™ Practice Conversations

• Turn The Tables

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At PCA Law, we're not just changing the way appraisals are done; we're revolutionising the impact they can have on your firm.
From a chore to a strategic opportunity – let's reimagine appraisals together and unlock the full potential of your team.
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